LaunchBar Snippets

One of the very first programs I install on any machine I will be spending a good deal of time on is LaunchBar. I am a self confessed LaunchBar whore because of the amount of time it saves me from going down to the Dock or having to find the Applications folder to launch Applications on top of being able to calculate, do web searches and manipulate files just from a few keystrokes.

Here are three snippets I’ve added to my LaunchBar configuration that make my life a bit easier:

Add /Library/CoreServices as a folder to search - it means you can access applications like Screen Sharing and a few other lesser known applications without digging.

Searching Apple Mailing Lists:*&cmd=Search%21&form=extended&m=all&ps=50&fmt=long&wm=wrd&wf=2221&sp=1&ul=

LargeText: x-launchbar:large-type?string=*

Lastly a couple other tips that I keep running up against:

  1. ** allows you to do powers of in the calculator. Not ^.

  2. If you consistently misspell something (eg. LIHGR instead of LIGHR for Lightroom) you can set the abbreviation by typing in something that does bring up the file or application and then press Command-Option-A (Select->Assign Abbreviation with the mouse) and then type in the misspell that you keep typing.