DROC.CA : Douchy Business Practices

I’m unsure as to exactly why this annoyed me so much but on receiving junk mail to my home address from a company called “Domain Registry of Canada” (spammer’s website) I felt compelled to write an email (if only to get myself off their mailing list).


I’d like to inquire why environmental resources, postage, and my time was wasted by sending a letter to my home address “as a courtesy” to “renew” or should I say SWITCH for 4 times ($40.00 CDN) the price I currently pay to register my domains.

Please remove me from your database and in my obtuse opinion grow a pair of non shifty business practices. (“Domain Registry of Canada”? It may be legal but it’s certainly douchy).

Pissed off over junk mail and shady business practices,


I’m fully aware it will do nothing, they won’t (and most likely should not) care about my opinion of their practices but making it known that Domain Registry of Canada is soliciting me to switch (under the guise of renewing) is douchy. The domain is even transfer locked (meaning I can’t switch registrar’s with their fancy paper form). It does stand to point that the moment you start reading further it’s quite obvious it’s a solicitation - it’s not hidden but the fact that I am being solicited for this annoys me even if it “standard practice” by those who have business practices I despise.